Our Rehab Services

At AddINTO, where providing a world-class level of drug and alcohol rehabilitation services is our top priority, we prefer to be as transparent as possible.

By ensuring that you understand the type of treatments that you will be exposed to when being looked after by our medical experts; we can help you to feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible from the offset.

We offer four main types of treatment programs, with two being dedicated to drug rehabilitation and two being developed to help with alcohol treatments. Furthermore, we offer sub-services (such as musical therapy, meditation, yoga and counselling), to help with both drug and alcohol dependencies. Here’s a closer look at some of the rehab services that we are proud to provide:


One of the most important parts of any rehabilitation process is the detoxing period – and if this phase isn’t undertaken with the guidance of a medical expert, the likelihood of further suffering (and even the risk of a fatality) can be increased by up to 30%. This is why we prioritise our detoxing services much higher than many other rehabs do – simply to ensure that our patients remain as safe and healthy as possible as they are weaned off of their addictive substances.


Physical recovery is a priority, but without the correct level of emotional support a person may find themselves far less likely to go on to enjoy complete sobriety. To maximise the likelihood of recovery we employ over a dozen individual therapists, psychologists and counsellors to help our patients to explore their emotional states of mind, as well as undergo effective physical treatments.

Leisure Activities

After years of research, our experts discovered that allowing the human mind to focus on more enjoyable activities, even whilst undergoing drug rehab treatments, could offer a substantial increase to the likelihood of going on to a full recovery. This is why we began introducing leisure activities such as sports, musical therapies, yoga and even meditation to provide a variety of options to those that are receiving treatment within our clinic.

Group Sessions

This type of service is by far one of the most popular that we offer – mainly due to the fact that it can allow patients to get to know one another and identify with others that are in a similar position to them. This method of treatment can help in a number of ways; from allowing patients to come to terms with the conditions that they are dealing with, right through to allowing them to see that they aren’t alone and this in itself can be very reassuring.