Drug Rehabilitation Services

One of our most popular services is our drug rehabilitation program; of which we have two branches. The first being ideal for minor sufferers, and the second being better suited to those facing a long-term addiction. So many drug rehab centres overlook the potential of combining therapies and treatments in favour of proposing regular 12 step programs and other similar solutions, but at AddINTO, we prefer to keep our options as versatile as possible to better-assist our patients.

Our Drug Rehabilitation Services

In all cases, the first thing that we will do is assign a new patient (or potential patient) a dedicated rehab specialist. During this introductory phase, your specialist will get to know about you and your condition, as well as any causes behind your dependency and other important details. With this information, we will then set about developing a selection of strategies to aid in your recovery.

Once we understand what you might benefit from the most, we’ll begin by introducing you to a detoxing period whereby your body will be able to expel unwanted toxins and waste from your system as a result of your narcotic abuse. This phase can result in a variety of withdrawal symptoms and this is why we’ll dedicate a medical expert to you to ensure that your symptoms are minimised and properly addressed.

As your body begins to undergo the process of detoxing, we will then introduce you to a variety of holistic therapies including counselling and meditation. These services are ideal, as they can allow you to explore your emotional thoughts and feelings, while helping you to come to terms with the situation that you are facing.

With a combination of medical, physical and emotional treatments you will quickly begin to see results, often within the space of just a month. Although complete rehabilitation can take longer – especially for those of you that have been using drugs for a number of years, the reality is that with the care and support that our professional team offer; you’ll stand a much higher chance of overcoming your condition and going onto lead a clean, sober lifestyle.

Booking into Our Treatment Programs

In order to book yourself in for an admission to our rehab centre, you will need to apply directly to our admissions team. They are on hand to answer any of your questions and help to take care of your concerns. Once you’ve submitted an application, your documentation will be reviewed by our team and you’ll receive a formal notice of acceptance with an entry date.

You will then be able to turn up to our facility and begin your treatment, which will be aimed at helping you to overcome your substance abuse and leave your drug dependency behind you as effectively as possible.