Alcohol Rehabilitation Services

Our alcohol rehab services have quickly become some of the most popular that we offer, with hundreds of patients being admitted into our care every year. Of this number, a whopping 85% go on to lead sober lives – and thanks to our extensive aftercare options, anyone in need of further help will have the option of continuing their treatment on an out-patient basis, if they’d prefer.

Our Alcohol Rehabilitation Services

The very first thing that our team at Addiction | International Narcotics Treatment Options will do will be to get to know a little bit more about you and your situation as early on as possible. By taking the time to learn about your alcohol dependency, our team will be in a much better position to understand which treatments and therapies might benefit you the most.

Once we are in a position to create a recovery strategy, our medical experts will set about doing so and the next thing that you will be expected to do is admit yourself into our care for an alcohol detoxing treatment. This phase can take anywhere from a few weeks to a month or two, and in that time it will be our top priority to ensure that all toxins left within your body will be expelled as safely as possible.

To ensure that your withdrawal symptoms and side effects are minimised, we will turn to some of the most advanced medical treatments that can help with reducing your pain and suffering, whilst allowing you to overcome any level of dependency that you might be facing. To further complement your detoxing activities, we will introduce you to our award-winning selection of services, including counselling, meditation and other holistic treatments that can help further.

By combining these types of treatments, our patients are able to enjoy an almost painless detoxing period in most cases, whilst receiving the level of help and support afforded by our counsellors that they truly deserve. It’s this process that has been used time and time again since the early 1980s and with such a high rate of success, even amongst the most severe cases of alcoholism, we are the first port of call for thousands.

Booking Yourself into Our Alcohol Treatment Program

Our alcohol recovery programs are split into two types; one for those suffering with minor addictions and the other being better suited to more extensive dependencies. In order to receive approval and enjoy treatment within our clinic, all that you’ll need to do is apply to our admissions team directly.

They will evaluate your application and offer further advice to you, should you require. Once your application has been approved and a vacancy has been made available for you, you will be permitted to visit our centre and begin your recovery process under the guidance of our experts.

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