About Our Rehab Clinic

At International Narcotics Treatment Options, we’ve been helping drug addicts and alcoholics since the early 80s – and with a success rate of 85%, we’ve become known as one of the most reliable (and effective) rehab centres in the country.

Our on-site experts aren’t just medically trained and licensed to provide care to those of you that may be suffering with addictions; they all come from psychologically-trained backgrounds, allowing them to approach your situation with as much care and focus as you would expect.

We’re often described as one of the only rehab clinics in the state that A) provides as much after-care as we do on-site attention, and B) genuinely cares about the recovery of our patients.

How Long Have We Been Offering Our Services?

Back in the early 1980s, when the concept of drug addiction was beginning to reach its peak, our founders realised that the need for reliable medical care at an affordable rate was very hard to come by.

We initially undertook our journey by providing mobile treatments to those in need; especially sufferers of drug addictions that were facing extensive dependencies and were unable to travel as a result.

After spending just a year helping dozens of addicts, we realised that those suffering with alcohol dependencies were missing out; that’s when we spread our services to encompass those in need on this front as well.

A few years later we’d helped just over 600 people, with 560 of them going on to lead clean and sober lives (and the rest continued to receive treatment from our medical experts).

What Changed?

This was when we decided that the best way to offer an extensive range of treatment to our patients was by establishing our own physical presence – and that’s when we invested in the clinic that thousands have come to know and love today.

By focusing on your security, your comfort and your potential to relax, we carefully developed a responsible rehab clinic capable of catering to over 100 patients at any given time.

With three wings; each one dedicated to general care, alcoholism and drug rehabilitation, we are now able to address addictions in all shapes and forms.

Our dedicated team of medical experts are always on hand to help with alcohol and drug detox therapies, while our therapists and trained psychologists are available to offer one on one and group sessions to help our patients to overcome their dependencies in a safe, secure environment.

We are AddINTO and helping you with your recovery is our top priority. To learn more about our services, to have a chat with one of our experts, or to see if you are eligible to receive treatment at our rehab centre, simply get in touch with us today and we’ll go from there.