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AddInto ShareBox - Examples of use

AddInto ShareBox allows you to use individually services on your website. In any case, you have to place this code into your page, preferably just before the closing tag </body>

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://static.addinto.com/ai/ai2_bkmk.js"></script>

Simple button

Show code AddInto : Default button

Show code Share : Default button, text version

Show code AddInto : Show the dropdown menu when the user clicks the button

Show code AddInto : Show the box when the user clicks the button (without dropdown menu)

Show code AddInto : Tell a friend button

Show code AddInto : Bookmark button

Show code AddInto : Print button

Sharebox Default styling.

Show code Puce Basic example.

Show code Puce Add text.

Show code Puce Customize title and url to be shared

Custom styling

Show code Puce Larger icons

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Show code Fancy ShareBox

Show code Sexy Bookmark Style

Simple button

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